Six Apps That Makes Working From Home Easy for Employees

It is becoming more evident that the COVID-19 is not something to be taken with levity, especially with new cases erupting daily

While staying home has remained the best alternative to curbing the spread of the deadly disease globally; the corporate organizations may have just unconsciously unlocked another business module for their respective businesses- working remotely.

Yesterday, the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria made an order that Lagos state, Ogun state, and FCT be on total lockdown for 14 days, beginning from 11pm on Monday.

As it is, companies except those exempted by the President would be completely shut down. However, regardless of this shutdown, work still has to go on, else, companies would run down and many people would lose their jobs.

  • Thanks to Tech and its increasing offerings. There are certain apps that can help employees perform rather beyond expectations during this period of isolation; these apps allow employees to connect to their bosses and co-workers. The interesting thing about these applications is that it feels just like being in the workplace.



Hangouts Meet - Apps on Google Play

Hangout is a communication app designed by Google. It gives room for one on one or group text chat, voice calls or video calls. There are two sub-apps to Google Hangouts which are Hangout Meet and Hangout Chat.

Hangout Meet: Meet is aimed at achieving video and voice meetings. Its interface can easily manage video meetings of about 30-persons. For a person to initiate a meeting, the person must have a G-Suite account. However, anyone with a Google account can join the meeting. Users can also have presentations on the platform. To start a meeting, the initiator simply needs to share a link which the other participants would click on to join.

Hangout Chat: This is strictly chat-based and the idea is for teams working on a project to be able to discuss their tasks and also share responsibilities amongst other things. It also has an integration into G Suite. With this, users can share content from Google Drive or Google Docs. They can also view photos and videos directly during a conversation.

2. ZOOM:

Zoom Meeting Review | PCMag

It is a web-based video conferencing tool. Zoom allows co-workers interact virtually. They can record sessions to view later if they wish, they can collaborate on project and even share each other screens if and when needed.


  1. SLACK:

Slack unveils its biggest redesign yet - The Verge

Slack is a company chat room that can be used instead of emails as the company’s primary mode of communication. Beyond this compulsory remote working period, this is an app that can continually be used by any company. It allows workers have group discussions and share information, files, etc using the Slack channel.



DingTalk was created by Ali Baba as a free communication platform. With Ding Talk, employees can clock into work and out of work every day, from wherever they are. There is also a facial recognition option that requires employees to smile whenever their face is scanned for the check-ins and out.

Alibaba-owned DingTalk enterprise chat app launched in India ...

This app also sends reminders to employees, telling them how many minutes more they have to clock in. in addition, it keeps tabs on employees, stating them they disconnect off the company’s WiFi. Asides all of these, the app also allows for virtual meetings both with the audio and video calls.



This is one of the most common forms of communication used mainly for personal chats and conversations. However, they are not limited to these as companies can make conference calls using WhatsApp. To make a conference call, the user would call a person, then click on the add button on the screen to add other people into the call. With that, workers can have a smooth conversation.


  1. SKYPE:

With skype, individuals and businesses can make personal or group audio and or video calls. Files can also be shared using skype and users can send direct messages to each other.



Just like the others, Blue Jean can be used for business group calls. Participants can be anywhere across the world and still connect without hitches.

Mobile Video Conferencing App | BlueJeans

With these apps, employers can be rest assured that they will get the best of their employees without feeling like they are not physically present at the office.

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