Skype may be working on a group call feature for 50 participant

How long have you been using Skype? Over a decade or less? Either way, I guess it’s not up to¬†two decades yet

While Skype has been around since 2002, the maximum you can do for a group call ever since is 25 people, and while that as a recently-added feature, the company may be testing yet another update that is expected to increase the current maximum from 25 to 50.

Prior to the latest development, reaching a maximum of 25 people on a single call has always been tagged busy, but with the latest development, Skype conference calls could be about to get a whole lot busier. The software giant is planning to double the number of group call participant on the platform, and while this might sound really awkward, it might just be the perfect feature that a lot of people have been expecting for a really long time.

Of course, going for conferences in an entirely different location could be very tasking and costful at times, but what if about 50 people don’t have to leave the comfort of their room to travel overseas for a meeting that will last only a few minutes, or hours in some other cases. Imagine how much risk this new feature could have saved the entire crew of. I guess by now, you do understand how effective the feature could be at times.

Skype also plans to make ringing optional. It will instead send a notification to group call participants, though you can still ask Skype to ring people if they don’t respond. These features are available as of today for beta testers, and they’ll likely roll out more broadly later. For now, you can enjoy video call with any of your 49 friends conveniently.

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