Slack Gains Massive Usage During The Coronavirus Outbreak


Messaging platform, Slack has made a massive hit as many people are making use of the app while working from home during the COVID-19

According to the news report, Slack saw a 10 million increase which jumped from 10.5 million in March to 125 million.

The company recently revealed that it had 12 million daily active users back in October. Microsoft Teams’ usage has increased over the past year, reaching 44 million daily active users during a big increase in demand earlier this month.

Slack is also improving its design and the design includes a focus on simplification and customization which will be rolling out to existing customers in a few week’s time.

However, in a new statement by Slack CEO, Stewart Butterfield said, “If you’re just getting started on Slack, I’m sorry: there are still some rough spots. It’s not as easy to get used to as we’d like. But we’re working hard to simplify and guide people towards effective usage. It’s worth the effort. When it works, you’ll never go back to email.”

Slack also revealed last month that IBM has picked it over Microsoft Teams to power the company’s chat communications for its 330,000 employees. IBM has long been Slack’s biggest customer, but IBM’s decision to roll out Slack to all of its employees comes just weeks after Microsoft started a big TV ad push to convince businesses to pick Teams instead of Slack.

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