How smart glasses could make life harder for criminals


It would happen like one of those futuristic movies, if I could just look at you and get every basic information I need to know about you, without trying hard to force anything out of your mouth. Imagine if smart glasses could just become the new developmental phase of crime investigation. Well, that has just become a reality in China.

China is already famous for operating the world’s largest surveillance state with 170 CCTV cameras at work, but this has just moved up by a par because Chinese police will soon take security surveillance to a new level using smart glasses.

These Smart Glasses look a lot like Google Glasses, meant for the identification of potential criminals. The device connects directly into China’s state database and helps to identify potential criminals using facial recognition.


To identify potential criminals in a crowd all the police officer has to do is to snap their faces in a crowd and match it with the existing database, automatically there is a link between the potential criminal’s record, name and house address.

So far, Chinese state media reported that the technology has, helped the police capture seven individuals and has helped uncover 35 people with fake identities.

These glasses have been deployed in Zhengzhou, the Capital of Central Province Henan and is used to verify those travelling by air and trains. It is believed that the use of these glasses will help to keep millions of people safe in these regions during holiday period and other busy movement periods.

Although China has been criticized for the way its database and facial recognition tech has been working most especially concerning the Uighur Muslims who have been targets of past activities by the Chinese government. They were argued to be the targets of roving VPN crackdowns and smartphone confiscation in 2010. The government had to shut down the region’s internet connection for 10 months following the violence between Uighurs and Han Chinese that same year.


This is an advancement in China’s struggle against crime. Do you believe a similar system will be effective in Nigeria? Let me know your view in the comment box.


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