Smart Phone Sales Collapse Due To Corona Virus

Image result for smartphonesThe sales of mobile smartphones have drastically reduced, and major conventions have been cancelled to that effect.

Samsung, which revealed its latest flagship S20 phones in February, has reportedly experienced slow sales of the devices. Meanwhile, Apple warned it would miss its profit forecasts and said its sales would be constrained.

February 2020 showed the biggest loss in the smartphone industry, ever in the smartphone market. Smartphones supply and demand  sales plunged greatly in Asia, for the reason being it is an Asian production it lost it buyers. It affected China more than the rest of the world.

Research firms have now said that they expect the smartphone sales and production to also diminish this month, just as the virus has also spread through both Europe and the United States. More so, Hundreds of millions of people are on lock down and are unable to go to stores to purchase phones. As a means of strategy, some retailers have decided to add bonuses or attract buyers.

Despite its warning about financial targets being missed and difficulties with iPhone supply, Apple announced two new products this week: A new Ipad Pro with laser scanning technology and a new Macbook air. But it did so by press release, rather than at a high-profile event as would be usual.



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