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Snapchat Adds Its Own Multiplayer Version Of Subway Surfers

If you are board of playing subway surf on your mobile phone then you may like to try out Snapchat’s own version that allows multiplayers

Playing with friends shouldn’t get you bored in moat cases, and that is exactly what Snapchat wants to achieve with its own version of subway surfers that allows multiplayer.

Snap launched its in-app gaming platform back in April this year, and just again, it is adding the multiplayer Subway Surfers to the already existing list of games to play on the platform.

While the new game is not the first multiplayer game, it is unique because of the history behind it. Until now, Subway Surfer use to be subway surf which indirectly meant can be played by a single player, however, given that the sole aim of creating the game platform is for Snapto give you a quick way to play with friends from within the chat window; then it make sense that any addition to the list must be a multiplayer version.

To play the game on Snapchat– all you need to do is tap on the “rocket” icon on the chat bar to launch it. Snapchat’s version of the popular mobile game is called Subway Surfers Airtime, and like the other titles in the franchise, it’s an endless runner where you’ll have to surf, slide, jump over and avoid obstacles on your board as the screen scrolls sideways.

Mathias Gredal Nørvig, the CEO of SYBO Games, which developed the franchise, said that:

“We’re thrilled to expand the Subway Surfers franchise and partner with Snap Games on this exclusive release. It’s a win-win to work with a like-minded company that is committed to fun and offer our fans on Snapchat an opportunity to extend the SubSurf lifestyle.”

Interestingly, the multiplayer option is not limited to just two as in most cases. Up to 10 players can join a game and collect coins along the way with perfect landings, rail grinds and other tricks.

While you can either jump right into a race with the “quick play” option, you can as well use the “challenge friends” option to invite your closest list to play.

As for the availability, Snap will start rolling out Subway Surfers Airtime to all its users around the world today.

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