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Snapchat Rolls out ‘Headspace Minis’ to Accomodate Third-party Apps

  • Subsequent to Snapchat’s announcement back in June, introducing ‘Headspace’- a feature that gives Snap users access to free meditations, the social media platform has further announced its latest product, Snap Minis

  • Live now, Snap Minis are in-app “bite-size” applications that live within the chat and are specifically designed to be used among friends 

  • Headspace is a partnership program that allows third-party developers to host their mini-apps on Snapchat

During the unveiling of the Headspace sometimes in June, the Los Angeles based firm introduced about 7 different minis that will be operational across the platform.

Currently, only 4 of the 7 minis are available with others expected to arrive subsequently. Four of the available minis are Meditation Service Headspace; Studying collaboration tool flashcards; Prediction Master– an interactive messaging experience service; and Let’s Do It.

Snap turns on Minis, bite-sized third-party apps in Snapchat – TechCrunch |  DAGOLDINFO

While the majority of the mini-apps that will be debuting on the platform are mostly owned by third-parties, there are exceptions like ‘Let’s Fo It’, which according to the company was developed in-house.

As for how to access the Minis

Once logged into the app, users will be able to access the mini-apps by tapping on the rocket icon at the bottom of the screen; doing so initiates a Headspace session that other people can join in to participate.

Once a user joins a session, there are up to six three-to-four minutes meditations to participate in; “Just breath”, “Get out of a funk”, “Kick the panic”, “Be nice to you”, “Pressure to succeed”, and “ Me time”.

Snapchat debuts Minis, bite-sized third-party apps that live inside chat |  TechCrunch

Recall that during the announcement back in June, Andy Puddicombe, Snap’s co-founder of Headspace took a few minutes tour of the new feature by narrating the meditations in his British accent.

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The meditations focus on, among other things, mindfulness basics such as not passing judgment when thoughts enter your mind and returning attention to your breath.

While Headspace partnership with Snap is applaudable and most likely a new concept in the US, it is not necessarily the first of its kind, as such innovation is not alien in the Asian region; Tencent’s WeChat is prominent for attracting over a million miniature apps that enhance user performance.

Meanwhile, this is another move to attract more users to the social media platform’s existing 229 million daily users.

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