Social Media Week with TECNO MOBILE: The Mobile Photography Experience

Tecno social Media week

Social Media Week, set for the 4th of February till the 8th of February, is a weeklong conference featuring a central stage and panels, workshops, masterclasses and so on at multiple rooms and locations, with the singular motive of providing ideas, trends, insights, and inspiration for persons and businesses (Start-ups and established) with an understanding of how to get the extra edge in a high-strung connected world.
TECNO took center stage at one of the key off-campus sessions which took place on Tuesday, 5th of February within the shores of the Island, at Mayhill Hotel, Lekki as they partnered with WakaFire for the second edition of the WakaFire Mobile Photography Masterclass at the SMW.
The session themed LEVERAGING MOBILE PHOTOGRAPHY TO TELL COMPELLING STORIES was broadcast live to an international audience via a mobile phone. Panelists dissected engaging topics including branding, visual identity and storytelling and gave implausible tips on mobile photography, looping the experience TECNO mobile offers in every photographic journey to the simple yet intricate mix of flawless photography with your mobile phone.
Queeneth Enilama, the Compere and anchor of the session introduced other prestigious individuals who were also members of the panel. On the panel sat Modupe Oduyemi, the Creative Director of MOA Creative Design Studio who took participants through branding processes for individuals and businesses. In her words’for you to tell a story, it means you’re a person people can listen to and end by describing the tools of visual identity- logo/symbols, colours, typography and images as related to storytelling in branding.
Osaretin Avbuleimen, Managing Partner at Jonathan Cole was also on the panel and spoke about the instruments of stories which he mentioned were words and pictures. He further explained branding and how it’s different from business. Osaretin explained that having a business doesn’t necessarily qualify a person as a brand owner. He mentioned that to be a brand owner, one must have a brand manual and be able to tell a compelling story. ‘The DNA of any brand is the DNA of the founder or set of founders’ Osaretin said.
In all his fascination about culture and Nigerian tourism, Abdusalam Khalid Hamza, a Documentary Photographer, emphasized the significance of his TECNO phone in telling the stories of the subjects in his pictures. Khalid was definitely experiencing more stories in every shot as he took us on a TECNO-logical journey through the lens of his various TECNO smartphones.
Khalid’s stories through the lens of his TECNO smartphones…

Khalid’s hack to being a great photographer is starting with the why and not the how, choosing the experience before the photo, doing research about your subject and your desired location, reflecting your knowledge in your photo, treating your subject with empathy (as a human and not a photographer), getting comfortable with your subject so you don’t come off as intrusive, practicing regularly and treating your mobile phone as an actual camera. He concluded with the biggest and most important of all hacks, that is, knowing your craft and owning your TECNO.

Obasa Olorunfemi, host of the session and Senior Photographer at Wakafire took participants through his journey into photography and the interesting relationship he built with TECNO devices and eventually, the TECNO brand. He also gave a few mobile photography tips that would make it a lot easier for people to take good pictures, these include: knowing that when the sun hits your focus, the shadows and highlights of your photograph are more visible and that zooming your mobile phone camera is bad for your picture.

There was a short Q/A session during which the audience asked important questions relating to branding, photography and the important role mobile photography is increasingly playing in our daily lives. With the end of the Q/A session, it was time to put everything learned to practice during a Photowalk within the premises of the hotel. To further motivate participants, TECNO mobile represented by a member of its PR team Damilola Atinmo, promised the winner a brand new Camon 11 pro with AI technology, which is the latest offering from the smartphone giant. In the end, Miss Damilola emerged winner of the photo competition with Chef Fregz coming a very close second.

We are definitely looking forward to a bigger and more enthralling session come 2020.

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