Sony Confirms ‘PlayStation 5’ Name For Its Next Gaming Console


The Japanese-based Sony Corporation is serving more juicy details of its upcoming PlayStation flagship, and it is about the same thing we know already

First thing first, the electronic company confirmed the name of its next PS flagship- PlayStation 5, the same name that has appeared in several rumors until now that the company is affirming the initial claims by random sources.

Additionally, Sony claimed that the gaming console is still in the progress, and interested buyers will have to wait until the holidays of 2020 before they can actually lay hands on the next-gen PS. While that’s not all about the new details, we also got the information tyhat suggest that there is also a new gaming controller for the next-gen console, and as a result, people can expect a lot of overhauling on both the console and the controller.

While a lot have been said about the next-gen gaming console already, I do like to share more details about the next-gen controller instead, expecially, since it is the focus of the latest details as well. Sony, like I said, wants to create a new impression for its gaming controller, and while it is trying as much as possible not to ruin the existing templates, it is also willing to make the portable device ooze a lot of fanciness.

On that note, the first thing the company wants to address on the controller is the haptic feedback feature- Sony want to replace the typical ‘rumble’ effect found in the PlayStation’s controller for decades with a new gesture-centric feedback on every single press.

Also, the controller shakes will offer a wider range of rumbles, and the company is going so far as to claim a sense of touch so refined, you can feel the difference between walking through fields of grass and plodding through mud. Somehow.

Other than that, Sony went further to make claim that the addaptive triggers are also due for a review, with both the L2 and R2 buttons getting a new impression. According to a reliable source, games developers can program the give of these buttons to represent in-game tension and force, like drawing a bowstring or in-car acceleration.

The prototype controller itself, apparently, still looks a lot like the PS4’s DualShock 4. It will apparently be charged through USB-C too, so yo don’t have to bother too much about retaining some of your old kits, although, it shoudn’t be a concern since the new console will most likely comes with its own set of kits.

That been said, othere features of the PS5 that was also confirmed by Sony include a handle ray-tracing techniques via the console GPU hardware, and a speedy SSD drive- something that have been long teased by random leakers. Additionally, you can also be rest assured that physical games will still exist on the PS5 that will be running on a 100GB optical disks via a new drive that doubles as a 4K Blu-ray player. By now, you do must have known that the disc era is still pretty much around.

As for the price and specific date of availability- Sony will reportedly confirmed that on a later date, most likely sometimes around next year.However, we will do well to communicate that once relevant informations reaches us.


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