Sony PlayStation 5 Set To Launch Next Year, Already In The Hands of Developers

The company logo of Sony Corporation is seen at its headquarters in Tokyo, Japan, April 15, 2016. *** Please Use Credit from Credit Field ***

PlayStation 5 is set to be launched by Sony during the 2020 holiday season, and a new picture regarding an early version has sent gamers thinking of what the image will look like n

Twitter user Alcoholikaust shared a photo of two PlayStation 5 development kits, attributing to an anonymous video game developer. The development kit designs match patent images filed by Sony earlier this year.

This was confirmed by Sony, however, no pictures have been shared of the device. So far Sony has used a side-by-side demonstration of “Marvel’s Spider-Man” to showcase the difference in power between the PlayStation 4¬†and the PS5.

According to Wired Magazine, in an interview with Sony, said the device showed to them looks similar to patent images. However, the company decided not to talk much on the device as it could affect the final stage of the device.

The electronics company has however given a hint on some of the features coming to the PlayStation 5, such as a solid-state hard drive for faster loading times, ray tracing graphics with 8K resolution, and backward compatibility with PlayStation 4 games. Hopi upon

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