Sony to launch its PS Classic console with pre-loaded games by December

Sony seem to be following suit in the classic gaming trend

Following the eventg of Nintendo’s original classic game re-lunch, the Sony team is following the footsteps and bringing back its original PlayStation console of nearly 25 years old, after its initial release as a miniature gaming device called the PlayStation Classic, the company announced. The device will start at $99.99 ( €99.99 / 9,980 yen / £89.99/ #35,838) and, similar to Nintendo’s NES and SNES Classic consoles, will come pre-loaded with 20 “genre-defining” titles, including ‘Final fantasy vii’ ‘Teken 3’ and ‘Ridge racer Type 4’ . The device is set for a global launch on the 3rd of December.

In addition to a standard mini-PlayStation, buyers will also get two classic PS1 controllers for games that support local multiplayer when they purchase the bundle. We don’t yet have a full list of games, but Sony’s press release confirms two other titles: “Jumping Flash and Wild Arms”.

The latest classic game will be coming in a smaller shape and size which is quite smaller to the innitial launch almost 25 years ago. some new features like a HDMI outlet and a USB-C outlets are included in the new version.

Sony seem to deliver more in terms of hardware supply than its rival Nintendo which makes it seem to be a better choice for classic gaming, it doesn’t seem likely this will be quite as hard to get your hands on as the NES or SNES Classic have been. That’s good news for those longing for retro PlayStation feels and some good old fashioned Square role-playing games. (Granted, you can already play a lot of classic PlayStation games as it is on iOS, PC, and, soon, the Nintendo Switch too.)

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