Sony’s ‘S.Ride’ becomes the newest in the Cab-hailing Network


Sony has proven to be a strong and competitive brand over the decades, and its latest attempt to compete in the cab-hailing business is just a remarkable one

Launching first in the Asian continent, Japan to be precise, Sony is set to compete with other cab-hailing services across the globe. After facing a lot of challenges, especially in the mobility division, the Japanese-based company wants to venture into other businesses apart from just electronics, and the alternative option for the company just yet is a ride-hailing app which is going to be similar to that of Uber, hence posing as a major competitor.


With app given name known as ‘S. Ride’, the company informs that it will first be put to use in the home region of the company, Japan before it can get a chance to cross the border to other locations. The taxi-hailing app is created by Sony in partnership with not one, but five Japanese taxi companies. Since the types of ride-hailing services you’re probably used to being banned in the country, companies like Uber that want a piece of the Japanese economy — especially since the Tokyo Olympics are coming up — are compromising and teaming up with taxi providers.

According to Engadget, the Sony App will only work within the Japan premises with a combined fleet of over 10,000 cabs operating in the sprawling metropolis. ‘JapanTaxi’, another major competitor in the region has about 60,000 cabs, to think that it will be an easy race for Sony, however, considering that the brand is known for persistence and strong will, it is expected that the business will grow into a major one much sooner than later.

If your guess for the meaning of the ‘S’ in the ‘S. Ride’ is Sony, then you are wrong. The ‘S’ simply stands for Smart and Speedy. Riders can pay via credit cards or via the S.Ride Wallet, which processes payments by reading a QR Code shown on a taxi’s backseat tablet. There are no words on global launch just yet, but if perhaps the app succeeds in Japan, then there might be a chance for such consideration.


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