SoundCloud New Update Allows Artists to Help in the COVID-19

The music company, Soundcloud has updated app by adding a “donation button” where artists can add to their profile by helping to balance the financial results of the ongoing pandemic

This idea of the donation button is aimed at providing additional support by fans for acts on SoundCloud as live concerts and festivals are indefinitely postponed in many places across the globe.

If you want to add the button to your SoundCloud artist page, just click “Edit,” and then “Add support link.” Once that is that is done, pick your platform of choice, and then click “Save changes” to generate the button, which will appear above your stats and on your track pages.

The company also announced a new marketing and distribution platform named Repost by SoundCloud. The platform includes tools for artists to get their music out to the world and plan their marketing strategy independently.

Artists can share their music via Repost by SoundCloud, to platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, TikTok, and Instagram. They can even set up pre-save campaigns, claim content on YouTube, and pitch tracks for playlists.

We are however do not know how long the music company plans to do this for. According to a statement by SoundCloud, it said the donation button will be active for as long as we are all in this together. This literally means it will be temporary.

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