South African Startup Gains Global Recognition Amidst Lock-down

South Africa based Startup, myFanPark has made it to the spotlight amidst the COVID-19 lock-down

The startup has been connecting heroes raging from TV personalities, movie stars, and musicians, and sporting great DJs, comedians, and social influencers with their fans via personalized, video-recorded messages.

Fans in Germany and Switzerland are currently using the platform and very soon India, West Africa will be joining as well. The company was named as one of the top five most exciting startups in the country by Heavy Chef- a learning platform for entrepreneurs.

myFanPark (@myfanpark) | Twitter
How it Works

To date, traffic to the South African website has grown by 492%, orders have increased by 959%, and the number of celebs who have signed up has by 172%, bringing the amount of South African celebrities on the platform to over 300. In addition, myFanPark has experienced an upsurge of 283% in revenue during the current crisis.

In a few months from now, the startup will be expanding to India, thanks to the deal struck with Shailendra Singh, one of the country’s most influential players in the local entertainment industry.

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Nigerian artistes such as Skales, Ice Prince, DJ Consequence, VJ, Do2tun, Mr. Patrick, Kunle Remi have all joined the platform to motivate others. my FanPark will soon be launching in West Africa and India.

“It is a privilege to be able to provide more and more people with a platform to connect with those they most admire in an authentic way,” says Joy Des Fountain, Co-founder, and CEO of myFanPark.

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