SpaceX and NASA Aims for the Space after a Successful Launch

Another historic moment has been made on the US soil as SpaceX and NASA successfully launched two Astronauts on a mission to the International space station

Following an aborted launch on Wednesday, the SpaceX/NASA Spacecraft has successfully launched into space, marking the first time since 2011 when a spacecraft was last launched on the U.S. soil.

Although in conjunction with NASA, the spacecraft was privately developed and it also marks the first time that a private craft is mobilizing Astronauts into space.

Bob Behken and Doug Hurley are the two lucky Astronauts to embark on this overwhelming journey, and thankfully it has been a flawless one so far. According to CNN, both Astronauts made it through one of the most dangerous portions of their journey: Getting from the launch pad into Earth’s orbit.

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While it was fun to see spacecraft launch, the joy of a successful launch could not be hidden by the SpaceX engineer Lauren Lyons, who frequently hosts SpaceX’s mission webcasts,. Lyons and other crew members exorcised unquantifiable emotions to tell a little.

While the journey to the final destination is expected to last for about 19 hours, they are expected to dock around 10:30 am ET tomorrow.

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