Spotify Extends Initial Premium Trial Duration To Three months


The Music streaming network has managed to find its way to the front pages of news sources lately, and just again the company has announced another ‘big deal’ of information for its users

In the latest announcement, the music streaming service reveals the extension of its premium trial mode from just one month to three months. This way, new users that are just coming on board will now have a 90 days grace of free premium-listening on the streaming platform.

While this seems like a freebie for many who do see it as a major opportunity, it is only an attempt by the company to fight back against the threat that Apple has recently been pulling with its own Music service. Apple had recently increased its free trial to cover three months (90 days), and if Spotify is slow to implement the same, it may only mark the beginning of its fall, as such major extension could be a game-changer for Apple on the other hand.

This new extension by Spotify is only coming to a while after it had initially offered a 30-day free trial to tempt users to shell out for its Premium service. Now the company is doing its best to attract even more subscribers by upping the free trial period to 90 days, although, not as a voluntary action.

While the offer has come to stay, it will be available worldwide starting from today. At that, it will be available for all subscribers including individuals and students, as well as users who haven’t tried Premium yet.  For Duo and Family plans, the company says it will be available in the coming months.

That been said, users don’t have to fear about possible changes in the subscription rate, as the fee will still remain $9.99 per month after the three-month free trial mode.

While this is not the only attempt the company had recently pulled as a result of competition between other services, it has also cracked down on account sharing while also beefing up its family plan features in recent development. With so much done already, it is almost impossible that any other service can supersede Spotify, however, time is a major factor here.

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