Spotify Lite beta app is rolling out to more locations


Now, there is a ‘Lite’ app for your favorite music streaming app- Spotify, and it is about to hit your device

The frontier for the Music streaming Network wants to offer its many users a cheaper and reliable option to its already existing music streaming service. Spotify Lite as it is been referred to will be an alternative for many who can’t afford the luxury of the main app, I mean if you want the best for less, then the new Spotify Lite (Although currently in beta version) will be your next-to-best option.

The app is a lighter version of the Spotify app that consumes fewer data and uses less storage space on a device and is currently only available for Android devices. In addition, it will include most of the features from the regular version like creating playlists, adding favorites, music discovery, and recommendations. Spotify Lite does not, however, have support for podcasts as of now.

If you think you would still have access to premium features as on the main app, then you may have to rethink your choice, as the Lite app does not support some of the features that Spotify Premium offers. Users are not able to download songs to be played offline and the high-quality setting is also absent at this time. The app suggests users swap to the regular Spotify app to have access to those features.

The app can display the amount of mobile data it has consumed, and users are provided with the option to set a monthly cap to its data usage, with the cap set at 250MB, 500MB, 750MB, 1GB, 2GB, or 3GB a month. As the current release of Spotify Lite is a beta version, Spotify has urged users to give feedback about the app and request for new features in the app on their community ideas page.

The Spotify Lite app was initially launched last year on the Google Play store for users in Brazil, Mexico, and Indonesia, and just in the latest announcement, the app has just launched in Malaysia. While there is no fixed date on when the app will proceed out of the beta test, you can simply hold your peace, if you think, it is talking about too much time to reach your location. As for me, I’d rather stick to my Premium Spotify, but having the Lite on a second device is not a bad idea as well.


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