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Thursday, August 22, 2019
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Spotify’s offline download limit rises up to 10,000 tracks in a new update


Listening to music get a lot better with Spotify music app that allows a longer download limit for its users

Spotify now allows an increment in its 3,333 song download limit with its latest software update, according to Rolling Stone, an English rock band formed in London, England, in 1962. That’s not such a small number, especially since it’s ‘per’ device for three devices, that it would keep you awake at night. Hitting the former limit of offline download could be a easy step for some people, however not for every users. But if you’ve been using Spotify for years and had already hit the limit in the past or don’t have access to more than one phone, then this is definitely great news. Apparently, a number of people recently noticed that they’re now able to download more than 3,333 tracks for offline listening, so its a cause for the increment that follows the latest update of Soptify app. A Spotify spokesperson has confirmed the change to the publication, revealing that you can now store up to 10,000 tracks per device for five devices which is far more than what you have ever had in the previous editions.

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Spotify’s limits are a widely criticized aspect of the service, seeing as a lot of people can only enjoy it outside their homes or offices through offline listening. Although you still can’t save as many songs as you want, raising the max number of tracks to 10,000 per device means it’ll take a while before you have to worry about deciding which songs to delete. But its however the best decision so far.

Spotify has remained a great app for millions of user since the course of its establishment and its doing all things possible to make it a beta app for its users. Big thanks to the latest update that allows users to listen to as much as 10,000 music tracks offline.

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