Spotify’s Own TV Mini-Series Is In Under Construction


The popular music streaming network didn’t just rise to stardom by winning back-to-back, as a matter of fact, it has also been through a turbulent decade as well, only that those part of the company’s story had remained in the archives until now that the streaming service is reportedly working on its own TV mini-series which may hold a lot of secret about the company’s ‘becoming’

Based on fact, the music business while at its humble beginning had to deal with dwindling sales, record labels pushing “360 deals” on artists and concert venues beginning to take cuts of merchandise sales, all of which was a tough ambition for a forerunner in the industry. The company despite all odds has risen to become the biggest of its kind, breaking the record of the ost subscribed app recently.

While all these untold stories around the ethics of streaming apps are a high-profile example of the industry trying to regain traction, with the rise of Spotify itself soon to be detailed in a scripted TV miniseries, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Already, there is a book that contains some of the details about the years of struggles that Spotify had been through. Titled, Spotify Untold, the book was written by Jonas Leijonhufvud and Sven Carlsson, and it may serve as a basis for the upcoming TV series that will be anchored by Yellow Bird UK, a studio owned by French media organization the Banijay Group.

The book Spotify Untold was released earlier this year around March, only in the Sweedish language, while plans to translate to English is still ongoing. The book details everything about the history of the Swedish startup with first-hand accounts from over 70 interviews. Also, it unveiled the hostility aimed at the company’s staff by Apple’s Steve Jobs. According to Engadget, all of these side stories may also be the focus of the upcoming series.

Otherwise, the series will also cover stories about the competition between the company, and the then major competitor, Beats Music (now Apple Music). Also, you will get to know about the then startup’s experiments in the hardware sector and the dynamics between media piracy and ad-supported streaming models. These among other backstories will be revealed in the upcoming series.

For now, there is no release window for the upcoming project yet, however, it was announced that authors Carlsson and Leijonhufvud will serve as consultants during production.

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