Spotify’s Redesigned Library Separates Music From Podcast


Spotify is rolling out a new redesign for its library, although strictly for premium subscribers for a start

The new redesign for Library is one of the company’s attempt to promote some of its specific features with a major focus on the recently-integrated Podcast which was initially housed under the music library (although still the same for non-premium subscribers). For the streaming service, giving a dedicated section for both music and podcast respectively will outrightly promote the course of the duo.

In the latest development, each of the sections has three distinct tabs you can tap or swipe between. In Podcasts, you’ll have the option to view new episodes for shows you follow and those you haven’t listened to (Episodes) as well as an overview of all the shows to which you’re subscribed (Shows). The Downloads tab, unsurprisingly, includes all the episodes you’ve downloaded for offline listening.

In the music section, on the other hand,  you’ll find tabs for Playlists, Artists and Albums. The other two includes all the artists and albums you’ve previously liked, while the other is comprised of playlists you’ve liked and created. There’s also a new playlist called Liked Songs that pulls in all the tunes for which you’ve tapped the heart button. When you don’t have a data or WiFi connection, Spotify will rearrange the playlists to highlight the ones you’ve downloaded for offline listening.

While this new move is strictly for Premium subscribers for a start, there is no statement yet on whether the feature will be extended to other subscribers in the nearest future, let’s say it is not one of the benefits of being a premium subscriber. However, this in return limits the prominence of the feature which is also the reason for making the move in the first place.

It is no secret that Spotify is planning to go big on its Podcast ambition, and just in this week, it integrated a News feature to its podcast platform. Limiting the redesigned library to premium subscribers only will, however, raise some issues with respect to the general community of subscribers, however, we can only hope that the streaming service will address it any moment soon.


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