Steven Spielberg’s Horror Series Can Only Be Streamed At Night

If you don’t Know Steven Spielberg, then you are probably not a movie lover

The Popular movie director is reportedly working on a new horror series, and it will be entirely different from the norm. Steven wants you to stream its next series in a unique way, as he confirms that the movie will be best streamed only when in the dark. And not just that, you will specifically need a mobile phone to enjoy the horror movie to your best taste.

This kind of Twist is not the usual one, however, it sounds like something catchy that viewers will really desire to check out. Also, while this is not the first time Steven will be producing a horror movie, it is the first time he is producing one with a strict requirement, and at that, a reliable source confirmed that the movie will be limited to a new streaming service- Quibi.

Created by former Disney executive Jeffrey Katzenberg and former HP CEO Meg Whitman, Quibi is a new streaming service dedicated for short films just like the name implies “Quick bite (Quibi)”, and that is while it will be streaming the new short series by the popular director.

That been said, Steven’s attempt to produce a movie only for the night is, however, going to require an extra effort, and that is the reason why Quibi’s engineering team came up with a new way to deliver each episode. Using the internal clock on a subscriber’s phone. This way, Quibi can tell when the sun is about to set, and notify you if the current time is best or not to watch the movie.

In order to make the timing even more strict, Quibi integrates a clock that will appear only to count down until the moment the sun disappears. The episode will thereafter be available to watch while it later disappears from the app until the next night. Amazing right? I guess yes.

While this is a new achievement for Steven, the movie is only one of many that it has listed for launch lineups. Quibi is set to launch on April 6th, 2020 and this implies that you can only see the horror movie moments after.

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