Taxify is urging Nigerians to vote in the coming election

If you use Taxify then you must have gotten tired of those multiple mails constantly being sent by Uche of Taxify.

Well, you are not allow, I get tired of them too, but this particular mail changed the direction of the ball for me. I did not get a mail to ask why I have not used the platform in weeks, or what the bill for my last ride was, I got a mail daring me to do the right thing.

Nigeria’s coming election has become a rising issue in different quarters and the trend of discussion is getting really loud, Uche and his brand have however joined the conversation by asking their riders to pick-up their permanent voters card at a discounted or a free rate.


The brand intends to get its users to fill out their vows via mypvcjourney

Currently, there is a countdown on the website that indicates the level of urgency in making this decision as fast as possible.

All that is required is that you upload a picture of yourself before picking a free ride to the nearest PVC center in your locality.

The interesting thing is that the brand is propagating the urgency of being Nigerian bridging all gaps in the wall of young Nigerians missing their opportunity to vote in the coming election.

For me, this is a plus on the tech company’s end because it has brought to light the possibility that  Nigerians can do things right, with the right kind of motivation and this totally one of the best things to have come from the driving service.

Kudos to Taxify on this one.

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2 years ago

That a good news to hear from taxify and that the new problem we Nigerians involve ourself into,just sitting at home while election is on.just hope they are going to put a listening ear to this