TCL Might Release A Phone With Slide-Out Screen


TCL’s is said to be working on a prototype device with a screen that expands into a tablet once pulled out

A while back, TCL announced its separation from Blackberry and further mentioned that the company will be delving into manufacturing their own smartphones, which they have already started.

Although with no comment yet from TCL, there are leaked photos showing that the concept design looks like a normal smartphone but can be turned into a tablet of about 7-inch, once the user chooses to have a bigger screen experience.

Image result for TCL Smartphone with slide out screen

How the mechanism would work is still uncertain, however, one can make a guess that the flexible display would be behind the other display and this might make the phone thicker and heavier than its contemporaries in the mobile phone market.

There are reports that TCL intended to show off this new device at the Mobile World Congress which was meant to hold earlier this year. Unfortunately, the world’s largest mobile show was canceled because of the deadly spread of coronavirus globally.

With the cancellation of MWC, it is almost impossible to have an experience of this concept phone until TCL releases the device. Sadly, that might not be anytime soon as TCL is completely mute about the discovery of their prototype device.

2020 seems to come with interesting innovations in the mobile phone industry with the kind of smartphones that are intended to be released this year.

All legs are crossed while we await the release of this spectacular device from TCL.

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