Tech Giants Teams Up To Make A Smart Shoe Insole

Google, Addidas, and EA (Electronic Arts) teams have teamed up to make a shoe insole that connects to your phone and tracks soccer kicks for FIFA Mobile reward in FIFA Mobile

The smart insole is powered by Google’s Jacquard wearable technology. An insole is a removable sole is worn in a shoe for warmth.

The product called the Addidas GMR is now on sale. If you pay $40 (₦14,660.00), you will get two insoles, a Jacquard tag to put in the shoe of your foot, and a dummy tag that goes in the shoe of your other foot.

On jackets, and bags, the Jacquard tags connect to your phone so you can use touch-sensitive fabric as a remote for calls, music, and more. The idea behind this is similar to what Nike tried to do with its in-your of Nike + iPod Sensor, which connected your iPod tracking your runs, or Nike + Basketball program.

This helps to top up your basketball game by connecting certain pairs of shoes with the Nike+ iOS app. The GMR also connects to the new Adidas GMR app, and once you set that up, you will be able to link it with your FIFA Mobile profile.

To have your data brought into the game, you will need to open up the GMR app to pull the data from the Jacquard tag, after which you will open FIFA Mobile. The tag must be charged if you want it to track your movement.

The battery according to report is to last two or three full games of soccer or about a week, so anytime you want to charge the tag, you will have to take out the insole, take the tag out of the insole, charge the tag over Micro USB, and then put the tag back in the insole and the insole back in your shoe.

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