Tech Hacks You Didn’t Know You Needed (Part 1)

Everyone has some level of tech superiority. But what is yours? When you look at your desktop or your laptop, when you get past Alphabets in your face, there are a lot of things you can do with the keys on your computer, and you would be surprised how you never thought about it.

We’re going to give you a few that you can test out and allow yourself to feel a little tech savy. So, lets get into it.

  1. To re-open an accidentally closed browser tab, use Ctrl / Cmd + Shift + T.

it can be pretty annoying when you’re working on an important document and your hand gets out of line and you need that document pronto, just do the above.

2. When you save your Powerpoint presentation in .PPS instead of .PPT, your file goes into slideshow mode when you open it.

3. If you want to see your phone charge faster, just put it on airplane mode and see what happens.

4. If your phone is frozen/hanging and its taking long to get back to normal, just plug it to a power source.

5. Your laptop battery lasts longer if you charge it up to 80% instead of the conditional 100%

6. If you can’t remember the title of a song but you know the melody or lyrics to it, hum/sing it on Midomi to get the title.

7. To find the solution to one of your many computer troubleshooting issues, add “Solved” to sift through the results.

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8. Saving an Excel file as an XLSB will shrink the size by half or 75%.

9. If someone’s annoying phone alarm keeps going off, call the phone number to turn off the alarm

10. To prevent sending emails to the wrong person, write your email first, and write your recipient last

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