Telegram Files Antitrust Complaint Against Apple

The encrypted messaging app, Telegram an antitrust complaint against apple to the European Union

According to the complaint issued by the messaging app to the EU, Apple must allow iPhone users to download software outside the App Store.

“In a complaint to EU competition chief Margrethe Vestager, Telegram, which has more than 400m users, said Apple must allow users to have the opportunity of downloading software outside of the ‌App Store‌,” the report said.

Telegram based its complaint on an incident that happened it 2016 of how it was prevented from laughing its gaming platform on the App Store, it was seen to have violated Apple rules.

Telegram however destroyed the app to avoid it been deleted from the App Store. This was seen as an example of Apple power to curb innovation which according to Telegram is a result of it last monopolistic attitude in the app space.

The complaint was filed after Telegram founder, Pavel Durov listed the seven myths that the company uses to justify its 30 perfect commission on apps hosted in the App Store.

Telegram is however not the only company to complain to the EU Commission who is already conducting an investigation on the matter. Spotify and Rakuten also complained.

Note that the antitrust complaint is different story entirely from the ongoing U.S. antitrust current investigation.

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