Tesla could begin promoting the Model 3

Tesla could begin promoting the Model 3

Soon after the Model 3 was unveiled, Tesla began to receive hundreds of thousands of pre-orders for its electric car, however, the company hasn’t done much to promote the car since then because the company had been very busy sorting out the production issues that were preventing it from filling the pre-orders at the expected rate. Well, according to a new report, it appears that Tesla may now start promoting the Model 3 since the company has achieved its production goals for the car.

According to sources, Tesla is said to be building its test drive fleet for North America and it is also going to offer incentives to stores that sell the Performance trim of the Model 3. It has never made the Model 3 available for test drives to the public before which is one of the basic marketing strategies that a car manufacturer can adopt.

Tesla has finally achieved the production rate of 5,000 Model 3 cars per week so it can start to think about marketing efforts to bring in more customers. Tesla hasn’t commented on the report as yet.

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