Tesla’s Sentry Mode is recording success already

Tesla is always on its toes when it comes to issues relating to security, and its latest attempt, the ‘Sentry Mode’ feature will certainly record a massive success

The American automotive company, at the start of the year, teased about a new feature that will add to the already existing security features on the Tesla cars. A security feature for its EVs that leverages a 360 dash cam to record damage and attempted break-ins. It rolled out in February, and it’s already earning its keep.

While it is barely a month that the new feature rolled out, there have been several instances where the feature has proven positive by notifying owners of suspected carjacks, and in some cases, vandalization.

As reported by a reliable source, Engadget, a San Francisco-based Jed Franklin received an alert on his phone informing him that Sentry Mode had been activated. On arriving at his vehicle, he found that the window had been broken, but that the perp had fled empty-handed. Franklin then downloaded the video captured by Sentry Mode, which had recorded a clear image of the suspect’s face and license plate number. He turned it over to the police, who were able to make an arrest.

In another news, a Tesla Model 3 owner was lucky to have Sentry Mode looking out for his car when a construction crew attempting a 73 point turn bumped into the rear quarter panel of the car, leaving a dent. Thankfully, the bumping of the car triggered Sentry Mode to activate, sending a text to his phone and capturing the last minute of video from the car’s cameras on his USB stick.

You can click here to see the video clip that was uploaded on YouTube by the Tesla owner after the incident.

With several other success recorded already, the Tesla brand is no doubt, a target for criminals, and features like the Sentry  Mode is definitely going to be of good help to a lot of owners. The arrival of the new feature also means that we will be hearing and watching a lot of event of attempted crimes such as break-ins and a lot more on the Tesla Models. That been said, just like technology, Thieves are also consistently finding a way around the hi-tech features, and it is expected of Tesla not to relent in their research effort.


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