The Apple Card Could Also Be Weaponized


The Apple Card is a stylish metallic object, and apart from being useful for transactions, it could also double as a weapon

Well, I said ‘weapon’ for those who see such potentials in the titanium build card. As a matter of fact, it is no longer news that the Apple card is made of metal, and while it is primarily provided by the company in order for users to make transactions in various stores and outlets; the object could also be weaponized in some other cases.

As portrayed by random creators on Youtube; the Apple card was seen beyond its traditional capacity, which is to make transactions just like any other debit or credit card. In a video published by SMR, the titanium card was rather portrayed as a knife which can be used for chopping vegs in the kitchen. Of course, the video was meant to criticize the hidden potential of the card, however, it only speaks volume of the potential dangers that could result from the use of the card, especially if it falls in the wrong hand.

As seen in the video below, the titanium card was sharpened so as to do the job of an actual knife, and as you may have thought, this can be another potential weapon for criminals who could now smuggle the card about without been suspected.

While Apple card is not the only option, assuming you want your own credit card-sized knife, the other merchants that make use of a metallic card, some of which include Amazon, however, this might not be a safe activity as you don’t get to put just yourself in danger but several others too, especially the cahier who tend to swipe your card without the knowledge that its no longer an ordinary card. Yes! that’s a lot of blood flooding on your purchased good if the unexpected should happen.

That said, we don’t recommend sharpening any credit cards, not just for its hazardous potentials, but you may just end up been caught in the wrong venue. For instance, in some Airports, you might get caught if you try to board an airplane with one, and if perhaps you have just arrived at a country, you just might be deported if care is not taken.

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