The Dissemination of the Internet by Blockchain – Bitcoin Vs Skycoin


With all the news of Net Neutrality, the protection of all end users is the new priority, before ISP’s had to offer the user a standard level of service. This, in turn, gave users access to whatever they want, whenever they want without any control. The rule has been downsized by ISP’s can continue with the monopolistic approach.

This approach is bad for both business and users, which means premium rates for using a network and maintain speed could be hit.

BITCOIN arrived first

The first cryptocurrency, the first to the gate, the first to be made public, and the rush was massive, most people saw it as a great investment.

But like we know now the first to the gate is not the best, the problems attached to bitcoin and they need serious fixing.

Congestion of Network

The blockchain has its network issues of transactions waiting in hours to be completed and BTC Miners have to deal power usage. In addition, the blockchain network has become slower due to a large amount of use on it.

Transactions Speed and Charges

The BTC transactions have suffered in terms of speed, and it’s at the stage now where you get deducted for transactions before the transactions go through.

 The Security of Bitcoin

All the exchange hacks and theft related to cryptocurrencies in the media recently, people are beginning to question cryptocurrency is safe, well one would say that Blockchain and BTC are very secure but can be exposed for the way they run.

Based on the errors with BTC, the Blockchain, and ISP, most users will lose their freedom slowly.

Businesses and end users are in danger, a solution has to be found for their sake.

A new Internet called Skywire

Blockchain introduced pair 2 pair transactions (P2P) without going through 3rd parties, with this introduction there is a decentralization that current internet infrastructure has gone through. The Sky Mesh-Network has nodes dedicated which as ISP providers with nothing to do.

Skycoin- Skywire is working together to bring a full P2P mesh network. ISPs can work around it, so they will be no firewall scenarios.

With Sky’s decentralization, it brings about network nodes that adjust as a response to anything ISP attempt to do.

Sky has no coins from mining though miners are still placed to bring services to the networks. This brings about self-funding for the network, so more contributions to the networks the more beneficial it will be.

Correcting the flaws and Skycoin

51% of attacks are void to Sky and the networks, a collective agreement has been put in place for any malicious nodes.

All traffic being re-routed via other nodes, a mesh – network that can resist attacks, exploitation, and manipulation.

Very soon users will have no network fees and the experience of the network will be secure and faster than other options.

Telecoms will not be able to monitor end users browsing habits, so privacy will be enforced.

Satoshi envisioned that decentralization of the internet and cryptocurrency will be realized soon, Sky and Skywire have taken a long-term approach.

They are currently fixing the issues that were with BTC and the other 1st and 2nd gen cryptocurrencies.

Instead of just running into the market with a secure network infrastructure and cryptocurrency that will change the world.

But this company, want things right from the start, so that progress commences is the way BTC has to make. They have made their mark already and are sure to do it again.

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