The Once-Rejected Sex Toy at CES Is Now Available

Sextech startup Lora DiCarlo announced on the 27th of November that it has started accepting preorders for its sex toy Osé

Osé a “blended orgasms” device that made headlines earlier in the year when there was controversy about the sex toy being disqualified after being entered at The Computer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.

The device had won an innovation award in the robotics category at the show but the show organizers withdrew the award, then banned Lora DiCarlo from exhibiting its products at the event.

After a series of back and forth and open letters, the CTA eventually relented and returned the company’s award.

Luckily, Lora DiCarlo’s company thrived in the spotlight brought on it by the CTA controversy. As of today, it’s open for business. Preorders are now open for the sex toy sold for $290, with delivery expected in January. You can find out more about the Osé here on Lora DiCarlo’s website.


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