Whatsapp to Welcome New Updates on Both Android and IOS Devices

The Facebook-owned messaging  platform revealed a line up of new additional features that would be added to both Android and IOS devices respectively

Amid the ongoing pandemic caused by the outbreak of COVID-19, a lot of social and corporate media platforms have been undergoing an overhauling process that adapts them to the new reality. As for Whatsapp, its all about making sure that it offers a great user experience, hence the introduction of additional features.

Here are some of the new exciting features;

Contacts shortcuts

This newly announced iOS feature will allow users to access their contacts in WhatsApp when sharing a link from another app.

“Seen that the Share Sheet has an issue, a lot of users might not be able to see these shortcuts, maybe it’s an issue relative to the precedent one. The good news is that a contact shortcut has finally an icon, synced with WhatsApp! So, if a contact changes his profile picture, in the share sheet you will always see the most updated one,” A report mentioned.

Redesigned Menu

With iOS 13, users can see a long menu of choices such as Star, Respond, Copy, Forward, Details, and Remove while a message is long pressed.

However, the software joins the ‘Remove’ and ‘Details’ option in the More portion of the menu of the device update on iOS 12. WhatsApp is working to bring the app that operates on iOS 12 to an iOS 13-like menu.

Searching the web

The functionality would enable users to scan the site for a picture when the picture has been forwarded over four times. Users should be able to scan the site for a picture by merely searching Google for it. The feature is currently under development and will roll out to Android and iOS users soon.

A new chat bubble color

Also, the messaging app is reportedly preparing to adjust the color of the talk bubbles when displayed in dark mode; a lighter green hue similar to the one currently visible.

Redesigned user storage

This feature comes to the Android app, where users will only be able to view transmitted files within the app. WhatsApp often shows massive files in a different, modified portion. There is also a Sort button that allows users to sort the Newest, Oldest, and Size based files.

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Clear except for starred

This feature helps eliminate all messages in a chat or app except messages that the user starred. This feature is present in the alpha stage and will roll out in due course.

Share chats

This feature will allow users to view ShareChat ‘s videos within the app just like the platform’s YouTube videos. For the Android-based device, the function will roll out early.




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