This child’s toy will cost you N 1,620,000


Well, it looks more like a child’s toy sold for some whooping N 1,620,000 and I have been wonder what the use would be, but then I realize it is an ovation robot meant to cheer up till you die.

But come on guy do you really need a Big Clapper to cheer-up in life? However, if you feel unappreciated in life then it is time to go the sample route by owning your Big Clapper at a whooping $ 4,500.

All the robot is designed to do is to cheer and clap for you till the day you finally die.

The Big Clapper was a model designed by Japanese designer Masato Takahashi, who first built a single pair of clapping hands, then two, and then a whole wall.

Each Clapper has a motion sensor that enables it to clap basic rhythms, clap on demand, clap along with music, or program it to say whatever you like using an accompanying app. The robot’s eyes are also designed in a way that makes it seem like it’s always looking at you.


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