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Saturday, December 14, 2019
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This Device Allows The Blind See With Their Tongue


What if we told you there are new innovations that can help about 285 million people around the world living with a visual impairment move around with a little more ease? Okay, it’s easy enough to believe, but what if we told you the innovation works by using the surface of their tongues?

BrainPort Vision Pro translates digital information from a wearable video camera into gentle electrical stimulation patterns on the surface of the tongue. Users feel moving bubble-like patterns on their tongue which they learn to interpret as the shape, size, location, and motion of objects in their environment. Some users have described it as being able to “see with your tongue”.

The BrainPort Vision Pro vision aid is a headset that contains a small video camera, user controls, a rechargeable battery, and the tongue array. The headset is fully adjustable and available in 3 different sizes to accommodate most users.

The camera works in a variety of lighting conditions and has an adjustable field of view. The tongue array contains 394 electrodes and is connected to the headset via a flexible cable so it can’t be dropped and lost. When in use, white pixels from the camera are felt on the tongue as strong stimulation, black pixels as no stimulation, and gray levels as medium levels of stimulation.

Now here’s something that should be celebrated because this is an amazing tech that can change the way a blind man lives in the most remarkable way.

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