This is what Motorola’s Razr foldable phone could look like


It was recently reported that Motorola could be thinking about reviving its iconic Razr brand. The company isn’t going to launch a slim flip phone, though. The report mentioned that Motorola was creating a foldable smartphone which would be launched under the Razr brand. Now, a patent awarded to Motorola might give us an idea of what this device could look like.

The images from this patent filing which Motorola was reportedly granted offer a glimpse of the expected design of this device. The illustrations in this patent suggest that the overall look of the device may not be that different from the original Razr handset. One can also make out the rounded bottom where the speaker will be placed. Things would definitely be different on the inside where it will have a one-piece foldable OLED display with hinges in the middle of the phone’s body.

However, it is common knowledge that what’s seen in patents doesn’t always turn out to be the actual product. So take this as an estimation of what the design could be. Motorola is yet to confirm when it’s going to unveil this device or even acknowledge its existence so far.

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