This Rubik’s Cube Can Solve Itself While In The Air

Rubik’s cubes are fascinating for there colorful looks and the need to be extra smart and intelligent to get it solved, but how do you describe a cube that can self-solve itself while floating

In the past, we have seen machines programmed to solve Rubik cubes, and that is why this particular example- a floating Rubik cube is not outrightly strange when we came across it. The floating cube was seen in a YouTube video titled ‘self-solving Rubik’s cube’ where a Rubik cube was seen solving itself while floating in the air.

While wandering about the mechanism responsible for the perfect movement, the video reveals that the cube uses an Arduino board to record all the movement that was performed on the cube while it was been scambled; the feature thereafter repeats the movement in reverse order to get the puzzle solved. In other words, the floating cube uses a reversed-linear algorithm in solving the puzzle.

As for the floating aspect of the cube, the video went into details to reveal that the cube has a magnetic ball inside of it, which is placed above a magnetic base causes the cube to float in the air, hence, making it look like some magical trick.

Prior to the floating cube, the same team of engineers has also made a type that solves itself, although in its own case moves precariously around the table as the puzzle get solved. Check the video of the floating Rubik cube below to have a glimpse of what it really looks like.


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