Three movies you should see this holiday

First Aquaman movie trailer released

What’s a holiday if you do not spend time with friends and family after a long time at work and you just want to hide in bed and claim you are tired from a long line of action through the year.

I really just take my life as an example I work most of my days either with my phone or with my laptop and I still do a 9-5 yet I don’t get time to say hello the friends and families of the Year.

I just made a list of three movies you could see this holiday you might have seen them, but it is fine if you are just as busy as me.

The Hate U Give

No one has every really  talked Black Lives matter through the eye of kids on a larger scale like this movie does.

I find it rather sweetened that the case study is brought to the open and the reality of being black is made mental.

PS: If you are emotional try to watch with a friend so it makes it easiest for you to withstand the burning teargas.

Lion Heart

Lion Heart is the everyday Nigerian movie it has been totally over hyped but it is a good one. At least, you can Netflix and chill with friends who understand  Igbo has you watch Genevieve Nnaji tell us Nigeria is like a motorpark and people from your tribe sometimes do not want you existing.


I am not a big fan of comics and to think this guy was always scared of death in  Justic League can just make a lot funny for you to see him on the main rooster of a movie.

Aquaman is still in the Cinema so it makes it easiest for you to pay for some tickets, eat some pop corn drink juice and watch the hybrid Atlantis fight for the water kingdom.

Extra Notes:

You could watch a lot of wrestling and football this season too, just try not to get with your salary January is 23 months in one.

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