Three tips to keep your old Smartphones running smoothly

reactivate old smartphones

Is it smart to buy every new flagship Smartphone? Hell no!

When the iPhone X was released, a lot of hype followed its trends and this made it an internet breaker. Samsung S9 is not yet up for sales but it did the same. The truth is that Smartphone manufacturers will continue to release updated devices to suit different purposes, but you can always make do with what you have when you have it.

It is either every new phone will have an upgraded camera feature, a processor update, or a physical rebranding that makes it different from the previously released phones. These upgrades comes with a price too. It is not a crime to upgrade your Smartphone when you want too, but if you cannot afford it then this blog post will help your old Smartphone running smoothly.

New  Battery

One of the signs that your Smartphone is longer new is the function of your battery. As your mobile phone ages, the capacity of your battery begins to degrade. You may need to charge the phone more even carry a power bank with you wherever you go just to power your Smartphone.

If an old battery is the problem of your Smartphone, then you really do not have to be afraid or be in a hurry to replace it with a new one. Getting a new battery returns your phone back to its original stay.

So, if that phone of yours has been having energy drain or gets warm when you charge it, do not discard just swap the battery at  your Smartphone dealer’s shop.

Free up space

You have had that Smartphone for three years now, which means you have made 1095 days of history with that phone. It is time to run a quick check on all your files, music, pictures and documents saved on the phone. It is certain that most of them are now outdated. Then what are you waiting for?

However, if you feel certain stored items on your phone is use, you could try to back them up on your computer, dropbox, or Google drive. If you are sure, you want to attempt a factory reset on your phone then you can also try it.

As the name implies, factory reset takes you back to what you had the day you unboxed your phone. Therefore, if you have issues with space on your Smartphone, freeing up used space seems a better option to changing it.

Bonus point guys, you could also get an external memory card for your phone that will make it possible to store as much memory as you want, but you still have free up some space when the device is used up.

Protect your phone pysically

Your Smartphone can always look new every time. You could perform personal cosmetic surgery on with spending as much as it would cost you to buy a new phone.

You could re-case your smartphone when you notice that the casing is looking less attractive. This may mean that you have to take your phone to its local retailer to help with a new case at a cost.

You could also get different attractive pouch for your Smartphone. Imagine having a different colour of pouch for your phone every day of the week. No one will ever notice that your phone is old. They will be drawn to how well you have been able maintain the phone.

It is not about getting a new phone every time, it is not about trying to break your savings, you can still pimp what you have to make it seem perfect for your everyday use.

Let us know if you found this useful. Leave other tips on how you have been able to maintain an old phone, which has not been included in this post in the comment box below.  

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