To the Teacher and parent of a Dyslexic, your child is a hero

Dear All,

Please be informed that life is dynamic and being different makes life as awesome as it should be. Now, the reason I have decided to write this letter to you all is that your student, son or daughter is just as normal as every other child, but they are just super-heroes.

You do not have to throw words at them like a stone, because they did not Ace that Spelling or reading test. Their minds are just too creative for a list of words to put them down.

To the teacher of this awesome student, you do not have to throw them out of your class because your subject does not interest them or they do not make your best student list. You do not have to call them out to read, because you want them laughed at by fellow students.

To the teacher, this is the time you consider passion over money, emotions over logic. You know gold is never awesome until it is refined by a Smith who see the possible of its worth even before it thinks it could be any better than a dirty rotten stone.

Please have it at the back of your mind that reading and spelling will pass away, bout your warmth and care of a honest teacher never dies. You’re the god, the fire and the hammer that will skillfully help the giant in that child  never talk them down from who they really, help them find what they can be. A teacher is a father and a mother, so show some love.

To the  parent, this has nothing to do with the devil or the woman you refused to give food on the naming of your child. It is just life happening.

Your child deserves the warmth and love his or her siblings get from you.  Brush them up, give them the best. Help them through, never bully them with words, these words hurt more than a gun.

If Ben Carson could become the greatest Neurosurgeon in the world then your son and daughter can. Take a time out, study them like a book, flip through their pages, help understand that you understand, give them the confidence they need to face those bullies that would talk them down in school.

Make them feel special, build their strength with them like a castle on a rock, they do not have to attend a formal school if they are not performing like you expect take them to the best vocational centers, give them a reason to smile.

The world will only be blind, when we see things from one direction. Variety is the reason we have shades of hues and variations of tongues. Let your kids know that they can be Noble Peace Prize winners, they can be the next CEO of a multi-national company, they could win Oscars and Grammy gongs.

You owe them the responsibility to let them know that dyslexia is not related to intelligence.

You can redefine the champion in your child and make a Superhero from them do not be too sad for them, they would be fine and great in the long run.


Warm regards,

A Superhero.

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aladenika toluwalope joseph
aladenika toluwalope joseph
1 year ago

This is a very beautiful write up. “passion over money, emotions over logic”

1 year ago

Yes oooo, my child is a hero thou I have not given birth. Lovely write up

Emeka Ahanonu
Emeka Ahanonu
1 year ago

This is emotional to me, who ever wrote this
👍👍 our parents & teachers copy this