Toyota-Mazda Venture Plans to Build SUVs Not Corollas


Toyota and Mazda joint venture plant agreement was reached last year on the Alabama plant, with speculations that the union would breed the next generation of Corollas, but as it stands the show has been called off before it begins.

Toyota however, announced on Wednesday that it will now replace the Corolla’s spot in its new Alabama JV with a “new, yet-to-be-announced SUV.”

The automaker is yet to offer additional details on the said SUV or where it would land in the automaker’s lineup.

As for the brand’s Corolla line-up, the brand has stated that it will continue to be built at Toyota’s plant in Blue Springs, Mississippi.

Although the Corolla is the world’s best selling car at the moment, the brand in a press release stated that there a paradigm shift the needs of intending car buyers as they are a lot more into the accumulation of  SUVs and Mini-Trucks.

While productions have not begun at the joint venture plant estimated at  $1.6 billion, recruitment has begun although speculations have it that the brands would not be using the plant until sometimes in 2021.

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