Toyota Wants Owners To Automatically Shut Off Engines of Its New Vehicles


Toyota will not only add an automatic shut off feature; It will also include an auto-park feature to all its upcoming vehicles

The pace at which the world is evolving now, very soon machines may likely be in charge of almost every human activities. Take that as my own opinion. Well, Cars are also machines and they are about to do just that, if you find that hard to believe, then you may want to check up autonomous vehicles on your web net. Toyota, which happens to be the subject of this article is not left out in a similar plan, although that is not the bone of contention here.

Toyota is reportedly planning a new set of features for its upcoming vehicles, and two of the new features include an automatic engine shut off and auto-park. The main reason behind the new development is to prevent ‘rollaway injuries’ among others. For instance, If a vehicle is left running for a predetermined amount of time, the engine will automatically shut off. Also, if a driver exits a vehicle without putting it in the park, it will automatically shift and/or apply the parking brake. While the feature is close to being autonomous, the company did not state anything of such will be present in all their upcoming vehicles.

While these may seem like simple safety updates, they are quite important. Often times, Drivers have left their cars on in their garages because they don’t realize the ignition is on. While Toyota already has visual and audible warnings that alert drivers that the car is on or in gear, these features will go one step further to ensure overall safety. The features will start rolling out in new Toyota models any moment from 2020.


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