Trump: There will be no tariffs on iPhones assembled in China

no tariffs on iPhones assembled in China

For those who never knew, the bulk of Apple’s iPhones are made in China and that’s pretty much a well-established fact. However, with the trade war brewing between the US and China, there is no doubt that Apple is already thinking about what could be the result of these tensions? Could it be that they might end up facing tariffs, which in turn could result in more expensive iPhones?

Well, according to new reports, the good news is that it appears that President Donald Trump has promised Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, that he will not be placing tariffs on iPhones assembled in China. Of course, that’s just what the US is planning to do for the company, but at the same time, it is unclear how China will react.

There are concerns that the tensions could result in China making it difficult for companies such as Apple to operate in the country, whether for manufacturing devices, selling them or even clearing their exports in a timely manner. Although all of this remains to be seen, however, as this news unfolds itself, we will see whether Apple will end up facing tariffs or not.

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