Trump’s Administration Issues License To US Company Wishing To Do Business With Huawei

Huawei US ban

The US Government led by President Donald Trump appears to have finally lifted his weight in the China-US trade ban, which Chinese OEM Huawei was a case study.

Huawei as a mobile brand endured a lot of setbacks during the war, one of which was the withdrawal of Google activities on devices from the brand, which saw the brand through the option of releasing a personalized OS for its devices.

However, as it stands, the US Government seems very ready to do business with the OEM again after the back-and-forth.

The US Department of Commerce will begin issuing special licenses to companies that wish to keep their business ties with the Chinese tech giant. The news was confirmed by the head of the Commerce of Department Wilbur Ross at the Annual Security Conference on Export Controls and Security.

This was a decision made by the President late last month at the G20 summit, where he stated that interested American companies can still do business with the brand.

Later on, it became clear that interested US companies would only be allowed to sell widely available components which are sold in other markets while more sensitive equipment would remain off limits to the Chinese brand.

These licences would be issued to these companies, would be the country’s way of ensuring that they comply with the standards that have already been set in terms of dealing with the Chinese brand.

Although Huawei has not been fully cleared from all of these sagas, the brand is a step closer to resuming full commerce activities in the US.

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