Try Sending An Email To Your Future-Self Today

“Dear Future Self, I hope this mail finds you well”

The idea of sending an email to your “future self” may seem a bit bizzare, but best believe that it is possible. With Technology and the internet of course.

If you’re Familiar with the concept of Time capsules, this should not seem out of place to you. The only difference between the two is sending an email is more modern day than burying a time capsule for yourself to find in years to come., is an online platform that enables you to leave a message for your future self in years to come. And it works excellently with amazing reviews. So why don’t you go on the website and surprise yourself in a few years This is strongly recommended for you, especially looking at it from a sentimental angle. Why not send yourself words of encouragement or maybe set a goal, maybe a goal you aim to achieve in a year, or 2 years? Maybe 5. Assure yourself that you can make it happen, send the mail and get it at your set time.

Logically, as said earlier above sending a message to your future self might appear impossible, but technolofy has found a way to make it happen, so you might want to jump on this.

Here is the link to so your future self an email. Good Luck!

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