Turkish President kicks against American Electronics in his country


The Turkish President Tayyip Erdoğan is not close to smiling with Apple INC and other American electronics company has he has called out that Turks boycott the use of the devices in Turkey.

This is Tayyip Erdoğan way of helping Turkey  grow its own production base as against importation of finished electronic products.

Every product that we buy in foreign currency from outside, we will produce them here and sell abroad… we would boycott the electronics products of the U.S” he was quoted to have said in Ankara.

The President however, further went on to mention Apple has one of the brands that the nation would be boycotting in the bid to grow its own production base.

He however suggested that Turks could switch from Apple to the global leading mobile manufacturer of the year Samsung and also to the country’s based manufactured  mobile Venus devices made by Vestel.

Lira, has fallen in value in recent times, and this is putting so much pressure on Erdoğan to find a way to  improve the country’s economic situation. At the same time, US president Donald Trump doubled tariffs on Turkish steel and aluminum imports, which is likely what led to Erdoğan’s outcry over US gadgets.

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