Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey throws in his full support for Donald Trump


Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has announced that Donald Trump is on his platform to stay, whether he is liked by his followers or not the company would not be going against the US President or would not take down his handle as it would not take down that of any world leader.

Speaking at a Q&A session in Austria the CEO made it clear that the US President has created a new trend of conversation, which he believes his some sort of Open Conversation.

He also went on defend the brand in terms of its relationship with world leaders, which involves giving them public direct lines whether message is loved by the general public or not.

The important thing in giving the public a direct line to their world leaders, whether they like the message or not in the dark, we can debate them, or agree with them

So, no matter how much users disagree with World Leaders, Twitter believes it is creating a neutral platform for these leaders to share their thought to the world without been held back, which directly means that the US President no matter how much he unfollows and blocks users on his page for their comments.

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