Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey Visits Nigeria


Billionaire Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey arrived in Nigeria, yesterday, Thursday, 7th of November, and while he plans a visit to other countries in the Africa region, he will be meeting with entrepreneurs in the respective nations during his stay

The information about Jack’s arrival was first disclosed by Jack himself, via his Twitter page where he had tweeted that; “so grateful to be finally in Nigeria”. Check the tweet below.

Jack Who had initially paid a visit to Ethiopia back in October tweeted about his main goal in the Africa region. In the tweet, Jack said that; “Headed to Africa for all of November! Ethiopia, Ghana, Nigeria, and South-Africa. Going to spend a lot of time with entrepreneurs including @betelhem_dessie, @noelkudu, @GETNETASEFFA!”

As seen in the tweet above, it is obvious that Jack has not decided to visit the Africa region mainly for fun, but rather to take a look into the entrepreneur space across various countries in Africa. Hence, his stay will not only be about visitations but also a productive one, especially for entrepreneurs in the respective countries.

In the image above (taken in Ethiopia), Jack is seen posing with Ethiopian entrepreneurs including Noel Daniel of venture capital firm, Kudu Ventures, and Getnet Aseffa, and Betelhem Dessie, from artificial intelligence research and development company, iCog Labs.

While he is now in Nigeria, it is certain that a lot of entrepreneurs will be hoping to meet jack. Of course, there may not be so much chance for jack to visit everyone, however, he will most likely be meeting with some of the popular Nigerian entrepreneurs in the days to come.

On that note, a reliable source revealed that Jack intends to introduce a new product- Square– to entrepreneurs and the African market. Square is best known for its disruptive card payment technology but in recent times, the company seems to be betting big on cryptocurrencies– bitcoin in particular.

While all of this is still speculations, we will make sure to keep you updated on a new development with respect to Jack’s visitation to Nigeria.




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