Twitter Reviews Plan to Delete Inactive User Accounts

It looks like Twitter is reconsidering its initial announcement about the removal of inactive accounts until it learns how to preserve accounts that belong to the deads– I wonder how that is going to be possible

According to the company, they cannot just go about deleting the accounts of dead users as initially announced, until it finds a way to preserve it. The company who recently sent a mail warning inactive users of their accounts been deleted by December 11th has now rescheduled the deadline, although with the new date yet to be announced.

Also on its Twitter page, the company wrote that; “We’ve heard your feedback about our effort to delete inactive accounts and want to respond and clarify. Here’s what’s happening:” followed by a thread that clarifies the confusion that may have come with the initial announcement.

According to the company, the new development will only have impact on accounts in the EU alone. “This impacts accounts in the EU only, for now. We’ve always had an inactive account policy but we haven’t enforced it consistently. We’re starting with the EU in part due to local privacy regulations (eg, GDPR).” Twitter wrote in a thread.

“We will not be removing any inactive accounts until we create a new way for people to memorize accounts. The team is thinking about ways to do this. Now, the company is pledging that it won’t start removing accounts (and freeing up usernames) until that system is in place.” Twitter added in another tweet.

The announcement raised a lot of tension among users as they will not be able to access old accounts, friends, partners, and family members. They, however, apologized for the confusion the post has cursed. “We may broaden the enforcement of our inactivity policy in the future to comply with other regulations around the world and to ensure the integrity of the service,” Twitter said.

When the policy is eventually enforced, a number of usernames will likely free up as a result of dormant accounts being removed. That’s the upside of this change, though many people can also expect to see their number of followers drop as accounts start vanishing.







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