Twitter will battle vaccine misinformation with new search tool

Twitter is joining the ongoing battle against the vaccine misinformation with the introduction of a new search tool

Twitter is not a newbie when it comes to a fight like this- just like they did and still doing with fake news, the social media giant has finally found another approach to deal with the ongoing vaccine misinformation that is gradually causing more damages than cure. Twitter has come up with a search tool, one that will redirect users to another, once they tweet about anything related to the topic.

The page,  is run by officials at HHS, and inquisitive researchers can find out about what is and what is not true about a particular vaccine-related topic(s). Over the past few months, social media companies like Facebook and Twitter have faced intense pressure from lawmakers and the public to remove anti-vaccination propaganda from their platforms, hence making the war against vaccine misinformation a must for a majority of the social media platforms.

Twitter has earlier announced that it would be launching a new tool in search that would prompt users to head to, the company is finally rolling it out and hopefully, it will help in the campaign against false information. “We’re committed to protecting the health of the public conversation on Twitter,” Twitter informed in a blog post. “Ensuring individuals can find information from authoritative sources is a key part of that mission.”

The tool already shows up on Android, iOS, Twitter’s mobile site, and on the newly designed desktop site in some selected regions. Also, this is not the first time that Twitter is doing something like this. They have executed the same plan in the past where users are prompt to search for specific topics, however, this particular one is quite different because it has to do with health.

Now, Twitter is even planning to extend the tool to other health-related search terms in the future. “This new investment builds on our existing work to guard against the artificial amplification of non-credible content about the safety and effectiveness of vaccines,” the blog said. Other than Twitter, Facebook said that it would work to curb vaccine misinformation, but reporters have continued to find posts intended to dissuade people from being vaccinated.

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