Two Methods to Activate iPhone Without SIM Card

This is process conflicts with the settings on your iPhone and if you use it you might experience call issues and other issues may come up. You are at your own risk

First Method: Emergency Call Option

  1. Turn off iPhone and make sure it stays off
  2. When you are on the NO SIM CARD Installed screen, press the home button to see the option to make an emergency call.
    1. Pick the emergency call option and dial 112 to 999, soon as it dials, press the power button to disconnect the call
    2. After this, you should some pop-ups just cancel it and end the call
    3. Your iPhone should be activated and you are on the Home Screen.

    Using iTunes to activate your iPhone without SIM or WIFI


    1. Please, you have the latest iTunes installed your PC.
    2. Your USB Lighting Cable must be compatible with your iDevice then connect the non-Activated iPhone to PC.
    3. You should see the Itunes will be launched if not then open the iTunes manually
    4. Select the option Set Up as New iPhone and then click continue button on iTunes.

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